The Approach

127cm (W) x 107cm (H)
oil on linen

Richard Manning
Private Collection

I like to work on two paintings together and often have two pairs of paintings on opposite sides of the studio. I remember paintings by the time I spent with them in the studio, what was happening around me at the time, and also the other painting I was working on. They will always have characteristics in technique and colours that unite them as sibling paintings (apologies, my invention, until I can think of a better expression). The Approach and Flow 2017 are sibling paintings. Not a diptych but linked. They came out of a "big day" on the great ocean road when water was everywhere. It was not that long after the disastrous bush fires with the rains causing new problems for the iconic location. As a regular visitor to the area I am sorry to say that I had never explored what I now know to be a spectacular and wild place. Approaching the falls meant taking my shoes off to wade through flooded walkways, adding to the drama. Seeing the falls for the first time through the trees and then climbing the path to the top of the falls was exhilarating. These two paintings come from that day.