Studio wall now with two large format drawings that stay there to inform and inspire my latest body of work.
08_studio wall #1

These two drawings have become the starting point for a series of paintings and drawings that have been inspired by Kennett River. We cross the river on foot (in gumboots) on a regular basis to reach a campsite on the far side. The campsite is inaccessible by vehicle so crossing by foot is the only way in. Great care needs to be taken on the crossing to navigate rocks and varying flow rates, all the while focusing on what is visible beneath our feet. All this close attention to the river, and the rocks within, has been the inspiration for this body of work. Looking closely at first for practical necessity and then actively looking again to explore the fascinating interplay of light, colour, reflexions and movement.

07-shadow drawing #1

Richard is an Australian artist working with the landscape as his central motif, most particularly, the coastal environment, the intersection of land and sea, earth and water.

River #2
River #1